Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Still Here...

...just about.  Getting there, oh so very slowly.  Progress on Reset, none yet on the other two projects.  I keep getting distracted by fanfiction.  Not that it's any easier to write, but there is no scary traditional publishing process at the end, so perhaps I'm more willing to work on that than on my own, original works.

Not sure how many "steps" are completed.  I keep going back to things, and jumping ahead.  Be assured that progress is there, even if it can't be quantified.  I hope that everyone else is making progress, too.

Can't hang about, I've got character sheets that need attention.  See you Wednesday, next week soon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Check-in #1 - Already?

Progress?  What progress?

To be fair, I have started work on my characters, which is a slow job.  So I have been working towards my goal; I just haven't completed any steps yet.

It's amazing how many other important jobs materialise the moment I commit to some sort of goal.  Or rather, how many other jobs suddenly become important.  No sooner have I decided to sit down and write than I realise that the washing up really needs doing.  Right now.  And then there's that letter I need to answer, and I haven't practised my guitar for weeks, so I really ought to do that before it gets too late, and then there's...

The fact is, anything seems more inviting than the task in hand.  I have a severe case of procrastinatitis, and that's why goal-setting is so important for me.  The trick is to start small, so as not to spook myself.  For example, I saw the e-mail reminding me to write this blog post, and I was just about to put it on my to-do list when I noticed what was happening.  I told myself that one little blog post wasn't all that much to do, and promptly sat down to write.  Of course, it helps that I was going to use this time to work on my novel outline.

Maybe the real secret is to learn how to procrastinate productively.  If I set a goal today of getting the kitchen cleaned, perhaps writing character sheets will seem more appealing.  Will it work?  I'll let you know on Saturday.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Starting again... again

Yet another new round of RoW80, yet another chance to start again.  I'm good at starting again, but I'm not so good at finishing.

But never mind.  I can't change the past, but I can change the future.  That's what the future is for, time-travel stories be blowed.  However low I get, I'm not fated to fail any more than I'm fated to succeed.  There's no way of knowing what will happen tomorrow, never mind the next eighty days.  All I can do is keep on trying my best, and put each triumph and disaster behind me when facing the next challenge.

I have very specific goals for this round, three writing projects that need to be put through the snowflake method.  Two are being edited and one is being outlined in this way.  I have already made a start on the easy first steps, but there are eight steps remaining on each project.  That's three steps every ten days, either working through the projects together or one after the other.

So, here goes.  See you on the second...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Back in the saddle

After a successful 50/90, I am having another go at ROW80.  Very orthodox goals this time around, I plan to outline and draft a novel, with the edit being for next round.

The novel is called "Reset" (working title) and the outlining is scheduled for October after this plan: October NaNo Prep 2011 Calendar.  The first draft will be started in November.  It would be nice to get the first 50,000 words finished by the end of that month, leaving the rest of the round to complete the novel.  If I do the outlining properly, it should be easy to write - the story is a big one, if I can get into the flow of it.

I've missed being part of  the ROW80 crowd.  It will be nice to get back in the swing of daily writing.  To help with that, I've re-joined the site.  I hope to make (and keep) the "Albatross" badge, earned for 30 consecutive days.  If I make the whole 80 days, I will be within 20 days of a "Dragon" badge!

Since I'm going to be away from home, and from an internet connection, for at least ten days in November, I'm trying out my phone as a way to enter the words on the site.  It's a slow process, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice.  I'm not sure if I can transfer those words from phone to computer, but once I get home I can always go to the site archives and retrieve what I've written.

Wow, it's like a plan.  If you don't look too closely, I'm almost appear organised!

Yeah, right.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check-in point #3

A late note to say... no change.  All available brain power going into moving-related paperwork.  Should be done by the weekend.  Goodnight.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Check-in point #2

Wow - what a week!

I'm safely moved in to my new, ground-floor flat.  Thanks to LOTS of help from my friends I not only have all my furniture in place, but also about half my unpacking done.  The phone and internet connection is working fine, allowing me to report in and say that while waiting for workmen to finish laying the floors on Thursday and Friday I managed to outline ten scenes for "The Listeners", and sketch out a broad layout for the entire story.  There's still one fuzzy patch where I haven't figured out exactly what happens, but the general shape of the novel is there.

There's still a fair amount of post-move paperwork to deal with, and that will eat into my mental energy to the detriment of my writing projects.  However, my wonderful, supportive friends are continuing to help me get things sorted out.  By the end of the month everything should be back to what passes for normal around here.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Check-in point #1

Putting it simply: nothing to declare.

This week was always going to be a bit of a write-off, and I made allowance for that in setting my goals.  Tomorrow and Friday will be good writing opportunities, but so far this week I've spent all my energy packing, and dealing with moving-related paperwork.  My notebook is filling up with jottings of ideas, scenes to include in "The Listeners" and things that need fixing with "Haplow House".  Admittedly, inbetween reminders to call the removal men, and diagrams showing the dimensions of the hallway.  This is what happens when you pak all but one notepad.  Still, when I put all these random notes together next week, I may find that I've accomplished more than I thought.  Which will be nice, if it turns out that way.  But for now my goals stand at words: nil; scenes edited: nil; scenes outlined (properly): nil.

I would normally be discouraged by such a slow start, but in this case I don't feel too bad.  For one thing, I knew this was going to happen and allowed for it; and for another, things can't get any worse.  So onwards and upwards and focus on how wonderfully relaxed everything is going to be once the move is finally over.

See you on Sunday, where I will be reporting from my new digs.

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