Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Check-in point #1

Putting it simply: nothing to declare.

This week was always going to be a bit of a write-off, and I made allowance for that in setting my goals.  Tomorrow and Friday will be good writing opportunities, but so far this week I've spent all my energy packing, and dealing with moving-related paperwork.  My notebook is filling up with jottings of ideas, scenes to include in "The Listeners" and things that need fixing with "Haplow House".  Admittedly, inbetween reminders to call the removal men, and diagrams showing the dimensions of the hallway.  This is what happens when you pak all but one notepad.  Still, when I put all these random notes together next week, I may find that I've accomplished more than I thought.  Which will be nice, if it turns out that way.  But for now my goals stand at words: nil; scenes edited: nil; scenes outlined (properly): nil.

I would normally be discouraged by such a slow start, but in this case I don't feel too bad.  For one thing, I knew this was going to happen and allowed for it; and for another, things can't get any worse.  So onwards and upwards and focus on how wonderfully relaxed everything is going to be once the move is finally over.

See you on Sunday, where I will be reporting from my new digs.

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  1. Love your word meters in the sidebar! Easy to keep track of your progress that way.

  2. I think you're doing great, moving house is quite stressful and I'm sure that you, as you say, will be surprised at how much you've actually accomplished.

  3. Getting the odd idea down is good though, your head is still in the story so you'll be able to jump straight in when you get the chance.

    Good luck with the move btw. :)

  4. Onwards and upwards! :) Wishing you much success in the upcoming weeks.


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