Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Check-in #1 - Already?

Progress?  What progress?

To be fair, I have started work on my characters, which is a slow job.  So I have been working towards my goal; I just haven't completed any steps yet.

It's amazing how many other important jobs materialise the moment I commit to some sort of goal.  Or rather, how many other jobs suddenly become important.  No sooner have I decided to sit down and write than I realise that the washing up really needs doing.  Right now.  And then there's that letter I need to answer, and I haven't practised my guitar for weeks, so I really ought to do that before it gets too late, and then there's...

The fact is, anything seems more inviting than the task in hand.  I have a severe case of procrastinatitis, and that's why goal-setting is so important for me.  The trick is to start small, so as not to spook myself.  For example, I saw the e-mail reminding me to write this blog post, and I was just about to put it on my to-do list when I noticed what was happening.  I told myself that one little blog post wasn't all that much to do, and promptly sat down to write.  Of course, it helps that I was going to use this time to work on my novel outline.

Maybe the real secret is to learn how to procrastinate productively.  If I set a goal today of getting the kitchen cleaned, perhaps writing character sheets will seem more appealing.  Will it work?  I'll let you know on Saturday.


  1. We writers are great procrastinators! I think the secret is to make a plan and stick to it - but do let me learn if your trick works!

  2. I can so relate. I can always find something else to do, but I'm with Susan. I have found that just getting it done regardless of how I feel or whatever else is going on works best for me. But that trick method just might work.


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